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Starbucks Integrates mobile pay to Apples’s Passbook


Starbucks along with a list of other big name companies that have updated their  mobile applications to work with Passbook, Apple’s wallet-like application for storing mobile coupons, gift cards, electronic tickets, and now making mobile payments by proxy.  Today Starbucks announced that it officially has launched Passbook integration at a press conference in Houston. “The update allows Starbucks customers with iPhones and iPods to store their digital cards in Passbook for quick and easy mobile payments.”

The Starbucks mobile application will now prompt you to “ add to Passport” once it is launched. The use of Passport requires the support of 3rd party developers. A small amount of companies such as American Express, Target, Ticketmaster, and Lufthansa, already support Passbook. Once an application updates to support Passbook, the application user can choose to then store select items, such as a Starbucks card, in their Passbook.

Starbucks integration adds mobile pay to Apple’s Passbook

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