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The Form Factors Developers Expect in the Next Wave of Mobile Revolution

Survey results found that developers anticipate these five things to change the world of application development:

1. Television: Google TV vs. Apple TV vs. Vizio TV.  Even though televisions are far from mobile, the apps they’ll likely be furnished with will have mobile roots and probably borrow heavily from and sync with their mobile counterparts. The TV content industry is ripe for disruption, and armies of developers appear up to the task.”

2. Connected Cars: Instead of using dangerously distracting touch-interfaces, cars now use voice recognition, frequently powered by market leader Nuance Communications (NAS:NUAN) . The company has partnered with General MotorsFord, and Toyota Motor, among others, powering the voice interactions for their respective OnStar/MyLink, Sync, and Entune platforms.”

3. Game Consoles: The Android-powered Ouya project has such disruptive potential, because it uses components typically found in mobile gadgets, whose gaming performance continues to soar exponentially. It will have lower barriers to entry for smaller developers, spurring competition.”

4. Foldable Screen: Pushing that technological revolution forward is Universal Display, which develops IP for the technology and licenses it to display makers like Samsung or LG Display. Costs remain high, as OLED is in its relative infancy, but a foldable screen could potentially give developers access to other mediums, like magazines and newspapers.”

5. Google Glass: The opportunity for developers in wearable platforms is limitless and entirely untapped. It’s encouraging to see such a positive response among the developer community for a device that has yet to even be commercialized and only a handful of people have even experienced firsthand.”

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