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Validity Sensors and TeleSoft To Bring Fingerprint Security To Mobile Payments

Validity Sensors and TeleSoft Partners has took great aim at attempting to make payments with a mobile phone more secure. “The company has developed fingerprint sensor tech that enables authentication, device login, access to digital and mobile wallets, password management, app launching and so on — for smartphones, tablets and notebooks.” In addition, the company believes that fingerprint technology is the simplest and safest form of security. This is important because many people download security apps in attempting to make their phone more secure. However, those apps are still limited to pin, pattern, voice or facial recognition. Many people believe that face recognition is more secure than fingerprint recognition. However, there are easy ways to bypass facial recognition software, such as printing out a picture of the person’s face and holding it in front of their smartphone.


Validity Sensors Raising $20M From Qualcomm, TeleSoft To Bring Fingerprint Security To Mobile Payments


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