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Why iPhone 5s are still scarce

Since the iPhone 5 was released in late September, selling 2 million in the first 24 hours and around 5 million at the end of its first week, it has been very hard to get a hold of.  Shipping delays on Apple’s website today are between three and four weeks, meaning that supply is still significantly constrained

“One of the challenges has been build quality. iPhone 5 is partially made of aluminum, which — though it’s lighter — is also softer than the steel in the iPhone 4 and 4S. That caused some issues in brand-new phones, especially black models, with some reports saying that half of all phones were scratched out of box, or shortly thereafter. According to Apple exec Phil Schiller, that was “normal”

Its either the phone is very difficult to assemble, or Apple is using a cheap material that is being scratched up before it is shipped.  Hopefully the process is sped up and phones are received at a regular time frame.


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