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Workers iPhone 5 Line Rebellion (Not Mobile News)

(This is not mobile news, but I thought that others may find this interesting.)

Chinese workers at one factory reportedly were suffering so much abuse on iPhone 5 production lines they walked off the job for several hours on Friday. If this were an isolated incident, it might soon blow over — but reports of Chinese laborers being treated inhumanely so that Americans can have the latest shiny iToy are becoming common enough to cause a real problem for Apple.

Case Study: Oreck decided it was time to get smart about impression delivery across multiple channels. Working with partner Knotice, Oreck created a unified view of the customer to effectively target and deliver brand messages with improved relevance to each unique customer across multiple channels. [Get complete report] Workers at Foxconn’s factory in Zhengzhou, China, went on strike on Friday after managers imposed strict production demands for the iPhone 5 without corresponding worker training, according to China Labor Watch. Frustrations mounted among the workers as they turned out products that did not meet the standards, leading the company to place even more time pressure on the workers. In addition, workers were not given time off for a national holiday at the start of October.

Some of the workers were beaten multiple times, China Labor Watch also reported.

The strike lasted several hours, largely impacting the quality control line for the iPhone 5. A

via Technology News: Mobile Tech: Frustrated Workers Stop iPhone 5 Line in Foxconn Factory Rebellion.

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