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A Trio of Tactics and Six Services to Keep Carriers Ahead and Keep Developers in Tune with How the Tech may Change

Predictions of the technology landscape can aid developers understand what could be needed in new application designs.  Keeping in pace with disruptive technology can make an application design.  Here are some services to not only help carriers but also developers stay in stride.

Mobile Operators Strategies Analysis Service

MOSA – The only web-based service providing unparalleled granularity on global 4G deployments and business models

Wireless Watch

Wireless Watch has long been considered the world’s leader in 4G coverage. The Maravedis-Rethink wireless expertise is led by Caroline Gabriel, a well-known speaker and analyst for the 4G community who has authored a number of groundbreaking reports in this area.

Clear Spectrum

ClearSpectrum is a wireless regulatory service covering more than 110 key countries. The service is comprised of two databases: a licensing database with detailed information for over 1,700 international license holders and a weekly-updated technical database that defines critical product research and development efforts.

RAN Service
The RAN service covers issues affecting the radio access network – trends including macro cells, small cells, Cloud-RAN and carrier WiFi.
Backhaul Service
Covers the whole backhaul industry with an special focus on small cells and wireless technologies, including PTP, PMP, NLOS and other emerging technologies.
Total Disruption Service
The Total Disruption service covers long term (ten year and beyond) disruptive areas of the mobile and wireless market.

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