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AT&T offers free cloud storage for iOS and Android

AT&T is now allowing customers to to store 5GB worth of videos and photos for free  on the cloud. This news came on Thursday and the service is, “available through a free app in the Apple App Store or the Google Play store. he app requires subscribers use either an iPhone 3Gs or newer device. And Android users must be on version 2.1 or higher of the Android OS.” Customers who have older phones then the specified requirements will still be allowed to use this service. However, they will have to connect their device to a computer in order to upload the photos or videos.


Here is a short snippet on what AT&T’s Locker will offer:

“From the AT&T Locker, users can share their videos and images on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or e-mail. Users can create and customize albums for photos and video on the device or online from their computers. AT&T also allows customers to store music and other files in the AT&T Locker.”

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