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Basis Takes Finally Launches Its $199 Health Tracking Band

Basis has finally started shipping their health tracking wrist watch on Thursday. The watch/health tracker hopes to, “to capitalize on the desire by offering a gadget and Web interface designed to make it easier and more interesting to do the work necessary to achieve a healthier lifestyle.” Although the watch is currently sold out on Basis’ website, you are still able to reserve them for $199. Basis is hoping to dethrone Nike and Jawbone as the dominant workout tracker. The CEO of Basis,Jef Holove, said the issue with previous health trackers was that, “consumers were left wondering what to do with all that data after the novelty period wears off. There is often the ‘now what’ reaction from users.” Basis hopes to change that ‘now what’ reaction with consumers. “The Basis system uses multiple sensors on the wearable band that can detect when a user is sleeping or exercising, and data is sent via Bluetooth 2.1 to the cloud. The answer to “now what” from the Basis standpoint is not only to track the user’s activity but also to provide the data in a way that can be useful.”

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