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Environmental Impact Of Your Smartphone

When you trash your cell phone, the environment cries a little tear. Luckily, as phones become more technologically advanced, their manufacturers are becoming more environmentally-conscious.


With improvement in technology with smartphones, we also see improvement in the impact these phones have on our environment. The average smart phone user in the US upgrades their phone every 2-3 years. This leaves a lot of old smart phones to trash. When these phones reach the end of their line they have the potential of being thrown away and leaving toxin like mercury, cadmium and chlorine in our landfills, polluting our environment.


The good news is that as technology in smartphones progresses, businesses like Apple, Motorola and Samsung are taking the negative impact their products can have on the environment into account.


The first iPhone was the most toxic of all models examined, but every new series after that has shown an improvement – not only in technology, but also in the environmental impact. The iPhone 4S ranked second overall.

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