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Holiday Opportunity For App Developers

Trickle Down Mobile Economy Is A Big Holiday Opportunity For App Developers

As consumer behavior shifts to adapt to the Mobile Revolution, mobile apps are as much part of people’s media consumption as are television, movies, music and video games. Mobile apps are made to encompass all of those media categories and more.

“In particular, on Thanksgiving day, usage jumped by about 20% for that Thursday compared to the average Thursday in November. Friday was also up by 11% over the average November Friday. The increase in app usage across the long weekend, Thursday – Sunday, is 10%.” – Peter Farago, vice president of marketing for mobile analytics company Flurry

Games are a particular beneficiary of holiday app traffic spikes. Chartboost, a distribution and monetization service for iOS and Android games, noted a 50% spike in traffic to games over the recent Thanksgiving holiday compared to an average Thursday.


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