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HP exec derides Microsoft Surface as “slow” and “kludgey”

In an interview with IDG, HP PC Business chief Todd Bradley dismissed Microsoft’s first foray into the tablet market. Surface, he said, is “slow” and “kludgey”. Bradley added that he hardly considers Surface competition for HP, although it’s worth pointing out that HP doesn’t actually have a consumer tablet offering anyway — not yet, at least.

Since last year’s HP TouchPad disaster, the company has continued to avoid the consumer tablet market like a cat does a bathtub. According to Bradley, HP will continue to do so until possibly next year. “We’re not entering the consumer tablet fray any time soon. We’ll be doing something next year, but you won’t see a consumer tablet from HP before Christmas.” he assured IDG.

HP though, does offer its own enterprise tablet: the ElitePad 900. Although the ElitePad entertains a different market segment than Surface, it would seem that Surface is more likely to encroach on HP’s territory than vice-versa. Perhaps this thought nudged Bradley into his outspoken negativity

via HP exec derides Microsoft Surface as “slow” and “kludgey” – TechSpot News.

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