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iTunes 11 Released

The wait is finally over, Apple has finally released iTunes 11 which includes some cool new features and interface enhancements.

“The new app contains a refreshed iTunes store design that takes cues from the iOS app store. Elements of the store also extend deeper into the UI. For instance, albums not only gain a new look and feel but also contain a new “In the store” feature that shows you top songs and related albums.”

“As for navigation, the new iTunes ditches the sidebars and top sorting column in favor of a simple row of buttons along the top. Switching between types of media (music, movies, podcasts, apps, etc.) is done using an option in the upper left corner. You access the store by clicking a button on the opposite side of the screen.”

For all of you big iTunes users, expect a pop up to appear soon, prompting you to download the new software.


Tardy iTunes 11 finally rolls out



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