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Native mobile app dev vs. HTML5: Why not both?

The ongoing debate over how to best get applications onto mobile devices — either through native deployments or writing a mobile Web application — is going to remain a front-burner question for developers to ponder, given the pros and cons of both, developers say.

Developers see benefits to both approaches, as well as to hybrid applications that mix the two. Some application builders are using dev tools like Appcelerator Titanium, which compiles Web-based mechanisms like JavaScript to native code. Web-based, or HTML5, development provides a quick way to get some applications to multiple devices, developers say. But native development, such as with Objective-C for Apple iOS and Java for Google’s Android devices, offers access to the full breadth of a particular device’s capabilities, which is often worth the cost of having to develop the code (though not the underlying logic) independently for separate platforms.


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