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Pentagon opens its door to iPhones, Android devices

In another blow to RIM’s fortunes, the U.S. Department of Defense may be willing to consider smartphones other than BlackBerries if they can meet the government’s tough security rules.

The DOD is inviting vendors to bid on software to secure non-RIM smartphones and tablets, according to a report by Reuters. The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) may award a contract in April 2013. The contract would cover 162,500 devices to start and ultimately reach 262,500.

The DOD’s decision shows how dramatically the smartphone and tablet market has changed in the five years since the iPhone was first released. RIM has relied on its vaunted secure network connections, and device and operating system security to become the standard mobile device in many government agencies and security-conscious enterprises. It can no longer do so.

Beyond BlackBerry: Pentagon opens its door to iPhones, Android devices | Mobile Technology – InfoWorld.

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