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Study finds people are allergic to BlackBerry phones

In class we have talked about the negatives associated with app creation for BlackBerry phones, and how in most instances we would tell clients to look at other systems to cater their apps to for better customer results. Well even more negative press on BlackBerry came out this week. BlackBerry seems to have a problem with people being literally allergic to its phones. According to the researchers over at American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, BlackBerries are being produced with two different types of allergens: cobalt and nickel. The research group found that one-third of BlackBerries had nickel. Surprisingly, flip-phone models carried the most nickel at 91 percent, while 52 percent of phones had cobalt. iPhones and Android phones, by comparison, didn’t seem to have either allergen.


This news is only going to hinder BlackBerry sales more. Who would have thought someone could be allergic to their phone? Hopefully other smartphone producers will continually keep this in mind as I am  sure studys will continue to be done on how future phones might create allergies for their users. As well as other questions that many of us might not think of. This is something that should keep smartphone creators on their toes.

Study finds people are allergic to BlackBerry phones.

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