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The first hotel to use fully integrated mobile technology to enhance customer experience

Marina Mandarin Singapore is the first hotel to use a fully integrated mobile technology to enhance customer experience at their Food & Beverage outlet. Called the ‘OneGuest Mobile Solutions’, it fully integrates order-taking, customer service management and real-time updates to provide customers faster service and more accurate information on their menu selection items. Service staff are also able to receive real-time updates from inventory stock level to customers’ dish preferences, which allow them to better cater to their customers. The mobile solution, comprising the iPad, iPhone and a cloud-based content management system, is fully integrated with the hotel’s point-of-sale system. This solution is developed in partnership with SPRING Singapore as part of Marina Mandarin’s Customer-Centric Initiative (CCI), supported by Singapore Hotel Association (SHA), and initiated under the IDA Mobility Solutions Call-for-Collaboration (CFC) in collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board and Employment and Employability Institute (e2i).


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