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iPhone-less Japanese Carrier “Docomo” losing subscribers at a fast rate.

Rewind back a few years, before the iPhone took over the world. Japanese phone carrier NTT Docomo was the subject of every U.S. report on how mobile in Japan rocked in every possible way. Well that was then, Docomo has just reported its biggest-ever loss in subscribers: 40,800. The reason?” As Reuters notes, competitors Softbank and KDDI carry the iPhone. Softbank grew by 301,900 subscribers, and KDDI grew by 228,800. Since receiving the iPhone 5 Softbank and KDDI are using it t capture Japanese customers.” And it’s the lack thereof that is causing NTT Docomo its worst subscriber results ever.”

In its final defense to stop the bleeding, Docomo has introduced the new “Disney” smartphone, which is ran on Android. So the question here would be….”is whether Disney can put NTT Docomo into the net gainer’s club another time or if Japan’s largest carrier will finally see the light and start carrying a truly diverse set of phones.”


Without iPhone, Japan’s biggest mobile carrier is losing subscribers at a record rate

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