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Judge in Apple v. Samsung case, calls for peace!

Just a few months ago, “a San Jose jury awarded Apple more than $1 Billion dollars in its case against Samsung, the trial’s judge, Lucy Koh, is now aiming to settle the issues between the two companies.”

““I think it’s time for global peace,” Judge Koh told Apple and Samsung’s lawyers at yesterday’s hearing, according to the A.P Specifically, she’s referring to a calming of the patent wars prevalent in the technology world over the past decade, and which the Apple v. Samsung case is a poster child.”. “While one analyst predicted that Apple would be the overall winner in yesterday’s hearing, it appears that Judge Koh isn’t leaning towards either company. Samsung is aiming to cut its massive fines in the trial and is calling for a new trial, while Apple is pushing to increase the fines and potentially ban the sales of certain Samsung phones. Koh didn’t seem to favor either of those outcomes.”

Stayed tuned for the latest news in the Apple v. Samsung case, “it’s expected to hit the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington, D.C., and it could potentially reach the Supreme Court, according to the AP.”


Apple v. Samsung judge calls for ‘global peace’ in patent wars

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