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Apple sells 9M iPhone 5S, 5C units in first weekend | CNET News

Last week, Apple announced the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C, the latest additions to the iPhone family. With the first weekend in the books, Apple has announced that a combined 9-million iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C units have been sold thus far. CEO Tim Cook said “[t]his is our best iPhone launch yet” and while this is an impressive statistic, it should be noted that this represents the combined sales of the two new phones, as opposed to each phone individually. In the past, Apple only released one phone a time. It is only logical then that this release would account for more units sold those previous releases, since Apple is combining the success of two different products. Regardless of the interpretation of the statistic, the two newest iPhones are not disruptive technology by themselves. However, the iPhone 5S does feature the fingerprint technology, which had the potential to be disruptive technology, if not for a group of hackers in Germany who already cracked it. This changes the field of mobile technology because many of the 9 million new units sold could be consumers getting their first iPhone or could be consumers transitioning from Android to Apple. Either way, the influx of new iPhones changes the marketplace and the dynamic balance in the market between iPhones and Androids. This changes the economic state of mobile technology because new iPhones  not only generate money for Apple, but for a multitude of other companies as well whose businesses are dependant on the mobile phone industry, for example a mobile phone case production company or a mobile app developer.

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