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Apple’s iOS 7 Scraps the Familiar iOS Look iPhones Grew Up With

With the release of Apple’s new iOS 7 for compatible devices, they have made one of the biggest changes to both how it looks and feels since its first release. Gone are the textures and familiar skeuomorphisms, replaced with simpler, flatter designs. Not being much of an iOS user except for my iPod Touch, I still find myself strangely saddened to see the character of the OS that I’ve enjoyed the past few years die off so suddenly, with so drastic a change. With the update, most things still function the same way, but everything looks different. There are instances where the visual changes are indeed most welcome, specifically the Stocks application which has gained visual appeal with its now highly contrasted display. Barring the few needed improvements, the majority of iOS 7 is alien and new. Change is almost always daunting and causes reluctance at first, but I think we will see how these design changes will pan out soon enough. It’s going to take me a little while to adjust to it, though.


Some side-by-side detailed comparisons (about 2 dozen) of iOS 6 & 7 at my source below:



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