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Are Verizon & AT&T’s Data Caps a Bad Business Move?

One disgruntled user, who has switched over from T-Mobile to Verizon within the past years because of their improved voice and data network, is now bashing Verizon & AT&T’s limited monthly data plans. LTE (Long Term Evolution) was something that was supposed to be a way of the future for mobile users. It enables users to have fast broadband speeds on their smartphones and tablets to enable faster data loading. When it first emerged, Verizon and AT&T had unlimited data plans but it didn’t take long for them to get rid of those and start putting caps on them. Now, you can only have an unlimited data plan if you’ve had one from the beginning; a term often referred to as being “grandfathered in.” People are so hesitant with how much data they’re using per month, that they’ve resorted to using Wi-Fi whenever the opportunity arises. In the meantime, a company called SoftBank is investing in upgrading Sprint’s network and now that T-Mobile has the wide range needed to build a nationwide network, Verizon & AT&T will be seeing some forgotten competitors coming back into the game. In turn, Verizon & AT&T might reconsider up-charging their customers for these capped data plans and hopefully an unlimited data plan will make a re-appearance.


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