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BlackBerry confirms loss of $965 million as sales drop 45% | Mobile – CNET News

Long gone are the days when an iPhone versus Blackberry debate was just that, a debate. There was a time when the two companies were on par with each other, competing for users and market share. But, time has passed and since then Apple has continued to produce products that will have people camping out overnight. Blackberry has not has as much success. Blackberry confirmed that they suffered “a fiscal second-quarter loss of nearly $1 billion amid the continued struggles of its smartphones in the marketplace.” It is clear that Blackberry is struggling in the consumer marketplace as Android and Apple have claimed their spots at the top of the market. In response to this, Blackberry announced last week that they would have “to cut roughly 40% of its staff as [they] shift [their] focus away from consumers and more towards business customers.” This change does not represent a disruptive, societal change, while Blackberry will continue to relinquish its consumer market share, the damage has been done and the majority of their users have already migrated to different devices. This change also does not add to the field of mobile technology unless Blackberry makes a significant change in their product line to differentiate themselves from other smartphones on the market in order to further establish their company in the business marketplace. Finally, this changes the economic state of mobile technology because it the consumers that previously were utilizing Blackberry devices have converted, and the money that was previously going to Blackberry is now being spent on Android and iOS devices. 

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