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ClamCase Unveils First iOS 7 Bluetooth Game Controller


The launch of Apple iOS 7 revealed that the new API in the mobile platform will support Bluetooth game controllers. Following the announcement, several rumors circulated about the new consoles in works but there was no official news. But the wait is finally over, as ClamCase, well known for its line of iPad keyboards, announced its own iOS 7 game controller, the GameCase.

Logitech and MOGA previously revealed that game controllers for iPhone are in the works and will officially make an announcement soon, CNET reports. In June, leaked images of a prototype for game controllers from Logitech made the headlines and the hardware maker confirmed that it was still in the works. The leaked images showed that the iPhone would sit inside the controller, turning the device into something like a PlayStation Vita.

Despite such reports, ClamCase was the first to show off  its iOS7 game controller device on its website. The Bluetooth device depicts the future of iOS gaming. GameCase sports its own battery and supports all Bluetooth-enabled iOS devices. The device offers a firm grip on the controller for best gaming experience, dual analog sticks, a full size console layout, and 3D-motion enhanced gaming, according to a demonstration video shown on the official GameCase website.

The device maker has not revealed any specifics about the launch date or the price of the game controller but if you are interested in the device and want to be notified first of any update, then you can submit your contact information and ClamCase will send notification emails.



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