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Crash of the Mobile Titans: Palm, BlackBerry, Nokia, and HTC

From data shown by IDC in Q2 of 2013,  Apple and Samsung have become the two powerhouses ruling the mobile phone space with nearly 50 percent of the worldwide market share; LG, Lenovo, ZTE, and combination of other brands are all experiencing a smaller amount growth behind the two powerhouses. This has lead companies such as Palm, Nokia, HTC, and Blackberry to either start over, or become close near extinct to the world of mobile users. Many reasons for these four companies failure or demise comes from failed leadership, stubbornness to adapt, poor marketing, and the overall success of their competitors.

Read the article Crash of the mobile titans: What happened to Palm, BlackBerry, Nokia, and HTC? to find out a bit about the history of these four companies and where each of the company’s had their short comings at and determine if they have a chance in getting back into the smartphones industry.




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