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High sales of iPhone 5S’s cause supply shortages in the UK on launch day, iPhone 5C has strong sales in China

In the UK and in other global markets several telecom networks have reported that high sales of iPhone 5S have caused shortages in their attempts to supply enough 5S’s models to all the people who want them. This shortage has also been confirmed in Australia, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Apple does not allow customers to pre-order the iPhone 5S.

Meanwhile the 5C iPhone model in the UK has not seen very much demand so there are many models of the 5C phone still in stock.

However, in China Apple has recorded strong sales of the 5C model iPhone.

This sales data already shows how Apple is able to use the differing iPhone models to their advantage to market them effectively to audiences in different countries with widely differing incomes.

Various technology analysts believe that Apple is constrained in its production of the iPhone 5s due to the more advanced hardware & software the advanced iPhone model contains (e.g. the fingerprint reader).

Some of the tech analysts also believe that Apple wants to limit the amount of iPhone 5s’s on the market at one time to encourage more people to purchase one of the cheaper iPhone 5c models instead.

Overall this supply shortage of the iPhone 5s is still expected to benefit Apple in the long-term as many loyal & new customers will still be interested in eventually obtaining the iPhone 5s or perhaps the 5c model iPhone if that model works better for them. This means that Apple can expect to make a very strong profit off of iPhone 5s & 5c sales in the future; in addition to strong sales right now.

By Matthew Salava

A senior Information Technology student at FSU. I will be graduating in Spring 2014.

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