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Hotspotio app allows WiFi sharing on Android

Hotspotio has released Version 1.1 of its new Android Wi-Fi sharing application of the same name. Hotspotio aims to give all Android users access to fast mobile internet connections, by allowing them to share wi-fi networks with friends in exchange for simple favors.

Hotspotio allows users to browse for Wi-Fi access posts on the in-app map system, and push notifications will tell the network owner when someone new has signed on. Users can set up their own networks with a custom name (and even password), and then list things they’d like to receive in exchange for letting people access the network.

Favors can be a simple as giving the person a hug, to offering to Like a Facebook post, giving a shout-out or follow on Twitter or buying the person a drink. The service can be used by individuals, but is also appropriate for businesses to offer free Wi-Fi to the public in exchange for Likes on company Facebook pages, for example.

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