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How fast is the iPhone 5s with the new 64-bit A7 Processor

The iPhone 5s has been out for just about a week and with a faster processor in the device, it should perform faster.  With the new device running a 64-bit Apple A7 processor it benchmarked 1394 on  single-core and a 2506 on a multi-core.  In comparison, the iPhone 5 benchmarked at 721 on single-core and 1295 for multi-core.  This shows the iPhone 5s runs close to double the speed of its predecessor, the iPhone 5.
This is big for Apple because this could give people just enough of a reason to buy a 5s over an used iPhone 5 or a new 5c for half the price.  This also shows a great example of how technology grows at such a rapid pace, in just one year Apple can make their top brand iPhone run twice as fast with the new processor. As the smartphone market continues to grow and be more competitive, it is important for companies like Apple to always be improving their products for consumers.

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