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Mobile Technology Can Help To Transform Health Care

Since a doctor’s time is increasingly scarce and becoming more expensive, one of the recent questions in the health care community that has come up is “What if doctors used powerful mobile applications to track their patients’ treatments?”.  Despite some it being in it’s early stages, the technology behind this is not just conceptual this technology- remote patient examination tools, sensors, and apps- are at the hands of the health care field’s disposal right now

Such technology would be mobile platform to collect active patient data (patient-reported) and passive data (which comes form interaction of your phone through GPS tracking), right from a patient’s smartphone.  The company Cell Scope is creating optical attachments for mobile technology, turning your everyday smartphone into a diagnostic-quality imaging system. The digital health company Proteus recently received FDA approval to manufacture pills with edible electronic sensors.

With mobile technology being used in similar formats like  discussed above “this transformation will overhaul our entire health care system, allowing doctors to deliver higher quality, more personalized patient care, efficiently and cost effectively, anytime, anywhere. Our path to avoiding a second rate health care system should choose real-time technology and mobile health to create easier, faster, and less expensive access so that more people can receive better care”

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