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iOS 7 Will Be Free for iPhone 4 and Later

With the recently released iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, Apple is also releasing iOS 7 for free download to any user with an iPhone 4 or later model. What does this mean for Apple? Most likely reduced sales of the new iPhone 5c and 5s. I was reading an article earlier talking about how Apple has been silent about their sales numbers for the iPhone 5c, and that is very unlikely of them. In the past, they would boast their sales numbers after the release of a new iPhone model, but this time they have not done that. Everyone that has an iPhone 4 or later can seemingly get a brand new device after downloading iOS 7 with the exception of the new features Apple added into the new iPhone 5s, such as the fingerprint scanner. I was thinking about buying the 5s before reading this article, but after finding out iOS 7 will be available for free download, I have changed my mind like many other users already have.

Source: Slick iOS 7 Shines on New Apple iPhones

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