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iPad web browsing share hits 5-month high: a massive 82.4% | VentureBeat

According to Chitka, an online advertising network, web browsing on Apple’s iPad has hit a 5 month high of 82.4% of all tablet web browsing. These shocking numbers depict the huge influence that Apple has on the tablet marketplace. With the increasing popularity of Android and the emergence of a multitude of different models and manufacturers of tablets, one would expect the chart to be less skewed. Instead, “Apple [is] clearly dominat[ing] the market and [has] managed to increase its usage share lead this past month”. It must be noted, however, that this data is from the United States and Canada only, so in no way does this represent the global tablet marketplace. What this chart does do is represent the impact that the iPad is having in the marketplace as a piece of disruptive technology. Apple’s iPad was one of the pioneers of the tablet marketplace and it is due to the iPad’s success that there is a flourishing and developing tablet industry. This may change the field of mobile technology as application developers, content providers and website developers and managers see how many users are web browsing on iPads. It may cause some of those website developers to optimize their websites with iPads especially in mind, taking the restrictions that come along with the iPad, such as the inability to use Flash, into account. Finally, this does not change the economic state of mobile technology but represent the success that the iPad has had and the continued impact that the iPad has on the marketplace. 

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