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Jelly Bean swallows up 45 percent of Android devices | Mobile – CNET News

Jelly Bean swallows up 45 percent of Android devices | Mobile – CNET News.

With the announcement of Android’s new operating system, Kit Kat, a chart has been generated to represent the Andoird user distribution among the various operating system versions. What is surprising is that, while Jelly Bean is the latest available OS, almost a quarter of users are still a generation behind and are using Ice Cream Sandwich and an approximately a third are still using Gingerbread. As stated in the article, this is problematic for developers as they are attempting to “build apps that are compatible with several different versions.” The release of the new OS therefore, is disruptive technology in the sense that it will change how developers create their applications and what sort of backwards compatibility their apps will have with older operating systems. This adds to the field of mobile technology because it highlights a fundamental difference between the Android and Apple devices, where the majority of Apple users are using the latest OS available and Android users are more divided and spread out amongst the various OS versions. The release of Kit Kat should not significantly change the economic state of mobile technology or development for the user, but as stated above will have an impact on the developers. 

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