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MEF launches AppPrivacy tool for creation of short, simple privacy policies

The AppPrivacy online tool will give developers of any size, in any country, access to creating short-form and consumer friendly privacy policies.

In a recent study of the Top 100 free apps across iOS and Google Play, MEF found that only 55 percent of apps offered access to a privacy policy before the app was downloaded, and that only 32 percent offered access to the policy within the app itself. Compounding the issue, of the privacy policies that do exist, over 69 percent of them were written in confusing or long-form language, containing over 750 words each.

AppPrivacy encourages developers to create privacy policies that are shorter and easier to understand, allowing users to know what elements of their information will be gathered and how it will be used. The tool generates privacy policies using a series of questions that determine how the app will use or gather a user’s data, and them creates a simple-to-read privacy policy that can be later customized and embedded directly into the app in question.

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