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Microsoft adds 200GB storage option to SkyDrive | CNET News

Microsoft just released the Surface 2 tablet, but something other than the hardware has been making headlines. Alongside the new Surface 2 tablet, Microsoft announced that their SkyDrive service has been expanded to 200GB of space a year for just $100. Microsoft reports that 200GB is enough space to “hold a photo taken of a person every hour from the moment of birth to college graduation.” While Microsoft already offered a number of less expensive storage plans, this latest increase shows why SkyDrive and other cloud storage services are disruptive technology. For those who have used a cloud based storage service, we know how convenient and easy it is to just save your file to the cloud and access it wherever and whenever you want. As cloud storage becomes more popular, it will change the way we interact with, storage and access information. This changes the field of mobile technology because the adaptation of cloud storage decreases our reliance on physical storage on our mobile devices. This could, in turn, have an effect on how mobile phones are designed and with what technology in them. For example, if Microsoft decided to release a Windows phone with very little hard drive space on the device, but a sizeable amount of cloud storage space. Finally, this changes the economic state of mobile technology because the price point of $100 a year for 200GB is a very competitive price. Dropbox, another large cloud storage service, offers only 100GB at $99 per user, per year. Because of this, I would not be surprised to see some users and even some businesses transition over from a service such as Dropbox, to the more affordable SkyDrive.

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