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Mobile Ads Are Still Incoming For Instagram’s 150 Million Users (AppAdvice)

Mobile Ads Are Still Incoming For Instagram’s 150 Million Users — AppAdvice.

Instagram recently announced that its user base had reached 150 million. However, with this news came word from the Instagram’s director of business operations who announced that mobile ads are incoming within the next year. This is significant news because the addition of ads can “not only inhibit further adoption of the image hearing service, but present users too, may abandon ship if distracting advertisements invade Instagram’s interface.” It will be interesting to see how Instagram approaches mobile ads and how they choose to integrate them into their existing mobile application. This change in technology is not disruptive technology, mobile applications before Instagram have started out free and then added mobile ads later after the initial release. The addition of mobile ads has the potential to add to the field of mobile technology if Instagram finds a unique way to include ads while still retaining their user base. Finally the addition of ads in Instagram will not significantly change the economic state of mobile technology but would provide profits for Instagram stemming from the initial sales of advertising space.

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