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Prices of latest iPhones putting off smartphone shoppers in China

The prices of Apple’s latest iPhones are putting off smartphone shoppers in China. This is because carriers in other countries, specifically China, don’t subsidize the cost of phones as they do in the United States. According to one of Apple’s former perspective clients, Nicole Zhou whom author Jonathan Kaiman quotes in his article, she had no idea that the 5c was going to cost 5,000 yuan which is approximately $817 U.S. dollars. The average monthly salary for a Bejing worker is approximately 4,500 yuan [about $750 U.S.], which is just as much as the cost for a 16GB iPhone 5c.

In result of Apple’s iPhones being too costly for average users like Ms. Zhou, the company has been losing market share to rival competitors such as Samsung Electronics Co., with its Android –based phones[whom sells their Samsung Galaxy S4 for $650 in China], and local competitors.

Despite Apple now offering a lower-end price for an iPhone in the States, its prices still are considerably in the mid-end in China. Though there are millions of Apple fanatics that live in China, that hungrily waited with as much zeal as their U.S. counterparts for this week’s product release, the cost for the devices alongside of the little differences in functionality between the original iPhone 5, and the 5c or 5s, was the most disappointing part of all. There will be some people who will still buy them because “the most important thing is the brand” says Chen Xin, a 23-year-old human resources employee at a five-star hotel in Beijing. Unfortunately for Apple, it is probable to say that many others will follow in Ms. Xin’s footsteps and won’t fall into the hype because they just aren’t as rich as their friends, and they can’t afford to purchase an iPhone 5c/5s when they can purchase a cheaper device with comparable amenities.

Prices of latest iPhones putting off smartphone shoppers in China –

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