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Republic Wireless offers new phone and new data plans

Republic Wireless, a startup that launched in 2011 with unlimited cellphone service for $19 a month, is growing up. The carrier is overhauling its plans, introducing LTE data service, and, most importantly, offering its customers a true, quality smartphone that isn’t an embarrassment to carry around. That phone is the Moto X, and it will soon be available for $299 without a contract.


To go alongside the new hardware, the carrier is offering new plans as well. All offer unlimited talk, text, and data over Wi-Fi (though there’s no proper MMS support). The most expensive plan, at $40 per month, lets you use Sprint’s nascent LTE network when Wi-Fi isn’t available, and a $25 plan uses Sprint’s 3G CDMA service instead in those situations. A $10 plan doesn’t let you use data if you’re outside range of Wi-Fi hotspots (but still lets you make calls and send texts when traveling). Lastly, a $5 plan only works when you’re on Wi-Fi. Republic hasn’t revealed when the Moto X and its new service plans will be available, but it should be soon.

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