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Samsung Invests in PowerbyProxi for Wireless Phone Charging

Anyone that has ever owned a cell phone knows the frustration behind losing their phone charger or not having a power outlet to plug the charger in when it is needed the most. Samsung is investing in a company known as PowerbyProxi that is working diligently to provide the mobile world with new wireless charging devices that require no cables to charge a mobile device. Samsung has invested $4 million in PowerbyProxi and they feel very confident in their abilities to develop this new technology that will revolutionize mobile device charging across the world. The development of this new device charging technology is very important to the world of mobile technology. In 10 years, the vast majority of people that own a mobile device will most likely have a wireless charger at their disposal. The marketability is huge for a product like this. Any company that can develop this new technology, and make it work well, is looking at a great future.

Source: Samsung Supports PowerbyProxi, to Let You Power Your Phone Wirelessly

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