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Sprint adds 34 new LTE markets, brings total to 185 | Mobile – CNET News

Sprint has expended their 4G LTE coverage into 34 additional cities as they take a step to catch up to their rivals, AT&T and Verizon Wireless. This new addition brings Sprint’s total number of markets to 185 which seems like a lot until you compare them to the 500 that Verizon covers and the 400 that AT&T covers. This is demonstrative of Sprint’s focus which has been consumed by “merger and acquisition drama” in a time when their rivals are focusing on network speed and coverage. This change in Sprint’s mobile coverage is not disruptive technology because it represents Sprint’s efforts to catch up to their rivals, not pushing the envelope of mobile technology. This does not change the field of mobile technology as a whole but changes Sprint’s market share of it by making Sprint more competitive in the marketplace that they have been struggling in. These changes will not significantly impact the mobile service provider industry, but will impact those areas where Sprint now has service and the consumers in those areas. 

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