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The new iPhone’s fingerprint sensor could spur the death of the type-in Password

While many PCs and laptops already have fingerprint scanners to gain entry, as well as some business, Apple’s new iPhone touch ID sensor could signal the beginning of the end for passwords.  Usually on an iPhone or Android smartphone, a user needs to type in a passcode or draw a pattern to gain access to the phone’s contents.  However this improvement in biometrics marks a turning point.  But that doesn’t mean consumers should throw out their password files (and to be honest sometimes it’s a pain to memorize so many passwords for accounts), there are still drawbacks and risks being worked out.  These range from general failure to recognize the owner, to weather affecting a users fingerprint(rain, extreme dryness, etc), as well as cryptographers developing ways to ‘spoof’ a fingerprint.  Still with these drawbacks, many companies are working to increase the use of biometric scanning such as a fingerprint or retina for mobile devices.

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