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The phone a ninja would use… or is it?

A new mobile manufacturer, QSAlpha, is breaking out onto the world stage with one specific goal in mind, along with some lofty rhetoric. CEO and found Steve Chao, is claiming that his company is setting out to create “The World’s Most Secure Smartphone” and while that idea sounds all well and good, its akin to the Holy Grail. The marketing team is pro, the kickstarter page is up, but the illusive technical documentation is leaving the security expert community a little more than skeptical.

Information made public about the ‘Quasar IV’ states that “Instead of having a third-party hosting or giving out the public key, we have managed to create what we call a seed public key matrix that produces all possible keys up to 10^77 of keys for all the users out there.” This key will be implemented by an onboard chip in the phone. Supposedly, the only way to hack this level of sophisticated encryption is by using a quantum computer.

While this sounds like a good idea, I’m certainly not putting down a Kickstarter pledge so soon.

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