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The thumbdrive James Bond would use..

Victorinox, maker of Swiss army knives and other fun gadgets, achieved some Mission Impossible level tech with this newest product. The definition of “mobile security” the Presentation Master offers 256 bit AES hardware/software encryption and thumbprint biometrics for access. It requires living tissue in order to be activated, though I’m sure it could be opened with a similar method to how people are cracking the iPhone 5s/c. The drivers for the finger print reader can be rather picky, but after the initial setup you’ll never have difficulty unlocking it.

The best part about this thing is how it handles those that aren’t meant to be handling it! If someone tries to physically tamper with it, the drive will actually self destruct.
If someone tries a brute force software entry, it will display dummy folders and nonsense, giving the hacker a false and short lived sense of victory, just out of spite.

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