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U.S. Losing Ground In Mobile App Market | TechCrunch

U.S. Losing Ground In Mobile App Market | TechCrunch.

Flurry, a mobile analytics firm, published new findings on August 29th that showed the United State’s worldwide app market share has dropped from 45% to 36%. This clearly demonstrates the international nature of the mobile app industry. While apps built in the US are leading in total time, “taking into account user numbers and engagement”, the problem for American app developers is retaining markets in other countries, such as China where American applications only account for 16% of total time spent in apps. These findings could lead to disruptive technology if application developers begin to develop with a more global market in mind, whether that is offering their application in different languages or doing more market research about why American made apps are not having the same success in other counties as they do in America. This does change the field of mobile technology because users in the United States only represent a portion of the users in the world, and these findings may impact how developers decide to develop future mobile applications. Finally, while these findings do not change the economic state of mobile technology itself, it raises awareness about how international and widespread the mobile app industry has become and puts the industry into perspective by showing us where the United States fits in with the other countries around the world.

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