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Ubuntu Edge fails to reach ambitious funding goal

Starting on July 22 of this year, Canonical Ltd. started an IndieGoGo campaign (similar to Kickstarter) to raise funds for bringing a Ubuntu-based phone, called The Edge, to market. Their goal was $32million, which they needed to reach by August 21 or give it all back per IndieGoGo’s fixed-funding rules. They ended up raising just under $13million by that date, which would have set a record for crowd-sourced funding if they didn’t have to give it back to the donors (record held by Pebble smartwatch – $10.2million – on Kickstarter).

Although this funding campaign technically failed, it still proved that there is almost $13million in interest right now for a Ubuntu-based mobile device. Android and iOS are dominant operating systems in mobile technology at the moment, but that is not to say that mobile users aren’t hungry for something else. It is important for developers and users of technology to keep looking towards the future and not get stuck in any one paradigm – don’t be surprised if (when) Ubuntu finally debuts on mobile and disrupts the market we’ve known.

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