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Ways iOS7 could raise App design

Wired magazine has an interesting write up on Apple’s new iOS7, and what it could mean for the future of app developing. Apple’s new OS isn’t just prettier to use, it’s more accessible to build for, too. It refocuses the whole expectation of an app to the solution, not how flashily that solution is packaged. Basically, the new design language makes it simpler to turn a good idea into a first-class app, even without knowing how to bounce fake light off of a clickable button. On one level, iOS 7′s new simplified visual language lowers the bar for entry. But it also puts a premium on genuinely thoughtful design. Now content and interactions are pushed to the forefront. For a sense of what the next generation of apps might look like, look no further than the ones Apple includes with the new OS. Instead of a suite of glossy applications, unified by their rigid adherence to pseudo-physicality, they’re now a collection of simple but distinctly independent tools.

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