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Why Nokia? Why NOW?

There are a couple interesting things to note about the Microsoft acquisition of Nokia that no one really seems to be talking about. This is not the first time that Microsoft has attempted to enter the mobile market. Does anyone else remember how semi-succesful the T-Mobile Sidekick was? Well, back in the day MS aquired the phone’s developer, Danger, and basically broke it by trying to force it to fit within Microsoft’s corporate culture.

Nokia already has a well established structure that shouldn’t be tampered with. The structure is in place and I believe that Microsoft won’t repeat the mistake. The purchase is an obvious move for Microsoft to become more like Apple (big surprise). Since it’s creation Microsoft has always been focused on software. Seeing how mobile devices are the upcoming battlefield, this merger makes a lot of sense, and Microsoft can’t afford to make the same mistake.

Microsoft bought Nokia’s hardware production, but completely disregarded their branding. After the merger, Microsoft will be produceing Lumia phones, however they will NOT have the Nokia name on them. Microsoft is trying to become an Apple clone.


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