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6 Ways Mobile Techology Has Transformed the World’s Poor


For a while companies, governments, and NGOS all around the world have realized the potential of mobile technology as a tool for addressing today’s most pressing global challenges. Some of the key areas where mobile technology has had great success in are  the areas of education, surveying, agriculture, banking, data analysis, and health.

In the different areas discussed above, mobile technology has ultimately provided a means of social advancement in some of the world’s poorest/advanced places, such as Kenya. Mobile technology has helped provide schools, teachers, and parents access to meaningful data and tips to help students succeed. Agriculturally mobile phones have allowed farmers to gain access to market prices before traveling long distances to markets. Mobile phones are even being used as a means of financial exchange: banking, transferring and collecting funds or the newest form of bartering.

Read the article “6 Ways Mobile Techology Has Transformed the World’s Poor” to get more information on how mobile technology has helped to change the lives of people of many people in the remote areas of the world beyond the face of communication.

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