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A cynical look at the LG’s G-Flex

Samsung and LG are racing to the finished line in the curved display market, Kevin C. Tofel writes an opinionated but entertaining article on LG’s just introduced G flex. Calling it the world’s first “real” curved smartphone is a bold claim given that Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus display had a small curvature and Samsung recently announced the Galaxy Round, which clearly uses a curved display, albeit not in the way you’d expect. “Excuse my cynicism if you will: Normally, I’m open-minded about trying new features and functions in mobile products. The race to create a curved phone is bit silly, though. If it adds value, I’m all for it. I’m just not sold on the concept when some of the new user interactions appear to be added simply because the device is curved.” Sadly, I don’t think many consumers will be lined up along the sidelines to see who wins.

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