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A Smartphone with a Curve

The company LG announced today a smartphone (technically a phablet) called the LG G Flex that is a device that curves.  LG claims the benefits of the curved phone is that it fits the human face better when talking on the phone, it create better sound, gives an “IMAX” feel while in landscape mode, and it fits better into a person’s pocket.  Although this is a cool and innovative idea for a smartphone, the curved screen does not add as much benefits as one may think.  As for the phone fitting the face better while talking or it being easier to get the phone out of our pocket are not significant enough competitive advantages to get the LG G Flex.  Most of the time when a phone is hard to pull out of a pocket, it is because it has a case on it. Or to say that the iphone has an “IMAX” feel to it is not really accurate, yes it curves similar to an IMAX screen but IMAX is special because it is so big and, well even though it is a phablet and not just a smartphone, it is not even close to IMAX.

This phone is all in all cool but does not seem to add new features that are very practical, but it is innovative and it will be interesting to see where technology progresses.

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