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Aaron Swartz: Unfinished Business

Aaron Swartz is by far one of the most revered men to ever grace the technological world, and its a shame he passed away 9 months ago. Swartz was a major leading internet activist and advocated the freedom of information. He is probably best known for his participation in the founding of Reddit and even worked with W3C for a while. He committed suicide 9 months ago after getting into a legal battle with the Supreme Court for downloading a massive amount of academic journals and then uploading them to the web for free.

In this modern era, “whistleblowing” is becoming a common thing. Eric Snowden was able to get away with it for a short time due to advanced training, however the average person does not have federal level tech training and therefore is unable to safely distribute information without detections… Until now.

SecureDrop is a project that was originally coded by Swartz and Wired Magazine as a way to receive encrypted information for sources “not willing to meet in a park”. This service enables a user to be assigned with a specific encryption key and communicate directly with the server of any news organization which opts to participate in the program.

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