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Aeether’s 3-D Mobile interface technology

Many people interested in the concept of Google Glass have asked what it would look like to see Google Glass paired with the gesture based controlS introduced by Microsoft’s Kinect platform. California based startup, Aeether, is attempting to do just that with their design of an interactive mobile 3-d interface. Though it is not ready for the public it does represent where our mobile future will be headed and the folks at Wired think it looks promising enough that we may expect to be there in the near future.  Aeether’s CEO says that Google Glass is about being connect to your digital world but his companies project is about immersing you in a digital world where you can truly interact with projected 3-d objects. One simple example of this was the users ability to pop bubbles with their finger as they appeared in 3-d on the glasses. The team hopes to work out the issues of having enough power to run the lot of features these glasses offer such as the on board processing, wifi and gyroscope. Their goal is to get Android developers to start building new 3-d apps for use with their new glasses technology.

Source: Wired

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